SAM~thefun&cool~ (slysom) wrote in purpleeagles,


Hi! I just stumbled across this community doing a random search of NU. doesn't seem to be all that active, but maybe we can change that or something.

Here's my story.. I looked at NU when I was trying to choose a college (graduated HS in 1999) and I really liked it there but I couldnt afford it. So I went to school at Wright State University in Dayton OH which is where I grew up.

after graduation from WSU with a degree in Mass Communication(Broadcast) I was drifting.. and decided to take my sister up on her offer to let me live with her and her family in the BUffalo area. I searched some jobs, applied for a sports infomation spot with NU and ended up getting a gig as an announcer. So, I started last year and I did the PA Announcing for mens/womens soccer, women's hockey, women's basketball, swimming and softball. I fill in occasionally for men's hockey (my personal favorite) and volleyball.

Its a really swell job, I greatly enjoy it and its good experience so maybe one day I can get that "real job" taht seems so elusive.

So hopefully we'll get some more people up in this joint and until then, go Purple Eagles!

P.S. the men's soccer team won today 3-0. Goals by Rafael Venturini, Matt Stedman and Danny O'Shea. Eric Sullivan with the shutout for the Purple Eagles. :)
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